Tuesday, April 27, 2021

11th grade. Unit 7. Lesson 7. Get Yourself an Agent


5th grade. Unit 8. Lesson 3-4. Running Fast and Walking Slowly


Flash mob: The Longest Words in English

 Do you know the longest words in English? 

Watch the video and practise to pronounce them. When you are ready, shoot the video and send it to me, afterwards I will choose the winner, who will get a memorable prize!!!!! 

Deadline is April 26th, 2021

Good luck! Practice makes perfect!

Presents are waiting for the winners!!!!!

Meet the first experts at saying the longest word in English!

Wednesday, April 21, 2021

English Traditions & Amazing Facts

It is the Queen's birthday on Wednesday 21 April - this year she turns 95, but she also has another one later in the year.

The Queen has two birthdays - her real one - on 21 April, as she was born on 21 April 1926.

Then a second one - the official celebration - on the second Saturday of June.

In the past, official celebrations to mark a King or Queen's birthday in the UK have been held on a day that isn't their actual birthday.

The Queen's great-grandfather, Edward VII, who was King from 1901 to 1910 was born in November, which is not known in the UK for its good weather.But he wanted it to be possible to have a big public celebration - and November wasn't the time do it.

So, given that his actual birthday wouldn't be a good time of year for a birthday parade, he decided to combine it with an annual military parade in the summer, when the weather would hopefully be nice.

More info about Queen's Birthday

Monday, April 19, 2021

5th grade. The English Language Olympiad. Test 8

 Reading Test 

Kate is a little girl. She's got no brothers or sisters. But she's got two friends: Rex and Dolly.
Rex is a big dog. Dolly is a big doll. Day after day Kate plays with Dolly and Rex. They play in the house, they play in the garden and they play in the field near the river.
One day Kate sees many red, blue and yellow flowers near the river. She wants to give them to her mother.
But she falls into the river. Rex jumps after her. He catches Kate by the dress. Then he puts her under a big tree. Kate opens her eyes. ”Oh, Rex”, she cries.” Dolly! Where is Dolly?”
Rex jumps into the river. Then he comes back and puts Dolly under a big tree.
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Learn the Present Perfect Tense

                    Lexical-Grammar Test 

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